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Published Material

 Vogue Patterns

V9186 - Stand-up Collar, Diagonal Waist-Detail Dresses

V9114 - Pick-up Skirt and Drawstring Pants

V9168 - Flutter-Sleeve Dress, belt and Slip

V9135 - Drawstring-Waist Vest and Jacket

V9164 - Clutch Bags in Three Styles

V9162 - Drop-Shoulder Jacket, Shirt and Pants

V9120 - Fold-Flat Bags and Pouch

V9074 - Seam-Detail Trapeze Tote Bags

V9177 - Children's/Girs' Smocked Raglan-Sleeve Dresses


  Published Material

Jeans, revisited

Show Some Legging!

Sewing Heaven in North Bay, Ontario

Vogue 9114 in Botanical Linen

A New Take on Guipure Lace

Techno-Plaid Summer Dress

A Twirl Worthy Dress

Tee Party! Recreating Favorite Tees

Shirtmaking: Buttoning Down the Basics

Luxurious Leather

Sheer Perfection

Brocades: Day to Evening Elegance

Tweed & Boucle:  The Classic Cardigan Jacket

Test Drive a Matte Hybrid

Ponte Perfection

Warm up to Sweater Knits!


  Vogue Patterns

April/May 2016 Suede Slouch Belt

February/March 2016 In the Trenches

December 2015/January 2016 Beaded Velvet Clutch

October/November 2015 Mud Silk

August/September 2015 Deconstructed Menswear

August/September 2015 Phoenix, Arizona the Jewel of the Desert

June/July 2015 The Basics of Fitting Pants

June/July 2015 Breezy Summer Silk Chiffon

April/May 2015 Sewing Superfine, Sheer Knits

February/March 2015 Design Your Own Fabric with Digital Printing

October/November 2014 Patchwork Couture

October/November 2014 Sounvenir Sewing, Part 2

August/September 2014 Tote-al Luxury

August/September 2014 Souvenir Sewing

April/May 2014 Rules of Marking

December 2013/January 2014 Down to a Science

October/November 2013 Trouser Closures

August/September 2013 Heritage Lace A Reimagined Vintage Tablecloth

June/July 2013 Beauty on the Bias How to Make a Hollywood-Inspired Slip

April/May 2013 Traditional English Smocking

April/May 2013 Tools for Fine Work

April/May 2013 Embroidery Maintenance

Feb/March 2013 Serger Maintenance

Feb/March 2013 Accessory Feet for the Serger

December/January 2013 Master Technique A Koos Creation

December/January 2013 The Buttonhole Foot

December/January 2013 Sewing Machine Maintenance

October/November 2012 Make Your Own Designer Lace Top

October/November 2012 Recycled Couture

October/November 2012 Invisible Zippered Pocket

October/November 2012 The Invisible Zipper Foot

August/September 2012 Hemming Open Fabrics

August/September 2012 Make Your Own Tailor's Ham

August/September 2012 Open Embroidery Foot

June/July 2012 Workroom Design Ergonomics for the Home Sewer

June/July 2012 The Couching Foot

April/May 2012 The Overlock Foot

April/May 2012 Pattern Preservation

April/May 2012 Couture Touches

February/March 2012 Flat Lining

February/March 2012 Reversible Leather Tote

February/March 2012 The Rolled Hem Foot

December 2011/January 2012 The edgestitch foot

December 2011/January 2012 All about hems

October/November 2011 Couture Details the details that make the difference

October/November 2011 Make your own leather toggles

August/September 2011 Tailoring techniques:  converting a one-piece sleeve into a two-piece

August/September 2011 Simple flat pocket for boiled wool

August/September 2011 The great pretenders:  leather-look fabrics

June/July 2011 Stretch Your Options A guide for expanding your knowledge of elastics and the many faces of stretch waistbands

April/May 2011 Hand Stitches Primer

February/March 2011 Size Matters: Plus Sizes

December 2010/January 2011 Luxury for less: Upcycled Fur

October/November 2010 Size Matters: Petites

August/September 2010 Fits Like a Glove

August/September 2010 Book Smart How to Make a Unique Gift

June/July 2010 Finding Beauty in Bias

April/May 2010 Adjusting for a Full Bust

February/March 2010 Fibers and Fabrics

February/March 2010 Sheer Delight

December 2009/January 2010 Double takes

August/September 2009 Make a Splash!

June/July 2009 Made to measure shirt workshop

April/May 2009 Perfect Match!

February/March 2009 City Safari: hunting for fabric in the Big Apple

December/January 2009 Made in the Suede

October/November 2008 Build a Better Winter Coat

August/September 2008 Measuring Up What’s Your CORRECT Pattern Size??

June/July 2008 Deconstructing a Master: The art and Craft of Chado Ralph Rucci

February/March 2008 Lace Jacket

December/January 2008 Heirloom Techniques

October/November 2007 Closing Statements

August/September 2007 Extra Credit Adding a Lining

April/May 2007 Zip it Up

February/March 2007 Make it Special

February/March 2007 Made about Marfy

December/January 2007 Boning Up on Foundations

October/November 2006 The Velvet Touch

October/November 2006 Fashionable Felting

August/September 2006 The Secrets of Soft Tailoring

June/July 2006 Knit Know How

April/May 2006 Hat Making workshop Heads Up

February/March 2006 A Guide to Pattern Grading

December 2005/January 06 Lapped in Luxury

October/November 2005 Good Jeans

October/November 2005 Pocket Panache Jeans Pockets

June/July 2005 In the Bag

April/May 2005 Couture Quilting

December 2004/January 2005 Regal Ribbons

October/November 2004 Made in the Suede

October/November 2004 On Point Hand Sewing Needles

August/September 2004 Stripe it Rich

August/September 2004 To the Point A Guide to Needles

June/July 2004 Initial Here!

June/July 2004 Take a Strand A Guide to Thread

April/May 2004 Classic Cross-stitch

April/May 2004 Serger Savvy A Guide to Sergers

February/March 2004 Sew What’s The Difference

December/January 2004 Creative Expression Orient Express

August/September 2003 Clean Up Your Act

December 2002 Creative Closures

October/November 2002 Pocket Change

August/September 2002 The Bottom Line-Hems

April/May 2002 Middle Ground-Waist Treatments

January/February 2002 Off the Cuff-Fabulous Finishes for Sleeves

September/October 2000 Sewing with Leather

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   Threads Magazine

Volume 113 Pattern Grading

Volume 104 Master Class Making a Shearling Coat

Volume 103 On the Cutting Edge:  Lapped Seam Construction

Volume 94 Question & Answer response on Produce Your Own Pattern

Volume 79 Question & Answer response on Changing the Color of Fur

Volume 76 Question & Answer response on Sewing groups in Canada

Volume 74 Barbie’s on CD-ROM!

Volume 73 Question & Answer response on Removable fur collar/cuffs

Volume 71 Question & Answer response on Tailoring for Men

Volume 67 Sewing Leather Fearlessly

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Butterick Home Catalog

Holiday 2005 Gifted Stitching

Holiday 2003 Use Your Machine-Shine On Quilting & Decorative Stitches

Fall 2003 Use Your Machine-Buttonholes

Summer 2003 Use Your Machine-A Guide to Practical and Utility Stitches

Spring 2003 Stitches in Time-Heirloom Sewing Techniques

Winter/Holiday 2001 Fabulous Fleece Finishes

Fall 2001 Sew Real:  Kathryn Brenne Academy of fine Sewing and Design

Summer 2001 Stretch your Options A Guide to Sewing with Knits

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November 1999 Fabulous Finds Retreat Pleats the Travel Skirt Pattern

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  Sew Stylish

Fall 2007 Make a Pattern Larger or Smaller

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  Consumers Digest

November/December 2003 Next Generation Sewing Machines

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